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This is going to be a weekly segment where I tell you guys which song has been stuck in my head all week. I get songs stuck in my head A LOT, which means that I will never run out of songs to put up. Well, that’s the plan anyway.

This week I have the new song by Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran stuck in my head. I really like Ed Sheeran, and I have a HUGE girl crush on Taylor Swift. Also, now that it’s actually out as a single, this song just won’t leave me alone!


Although they look cute here, the two have sworn they are only friends. Which I want to believe, I think that they’re cute as a duet, but leaving it at that seems sensible if they’re gonna be on tour together for the next while!

I hadn’t actually seen the video until I opened the link just now, and trust me,it is well worth the watch, especially if you’re into that cutesy wootsy sappy stuff! Which, I really am.