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Now I know this Blog is young, but I have to tell you all a horrific story. A story that still makes me tear up when I think about it. Worse still, it’s a true story.

I lost my phone about two weeks ago. I know it doesn’t sound that bad… but you don’t understand, I loved that phone like a baby loves bottles. I am one of those people who needs their phone, not for Facebook or whatever, I just need it on me at all times whether I have credit or not!

I’m not into the whole i-Phone craze or the touchscreens. For some reason I just cannot type on them at all. Am I the only one who can’t get the hang of them?! I swear it takes me like 5 attempts every time I want to open my i-Pod. However, I DID have a Blackberry. I love me some buttons.

I got it for Christmas last year and it was going pretty well, until I lost it. I now have a blockia. It’s a pretty Blockia as it’s trying to be a Blackberry, but a Blockia nevertheless.


See the poser attitude of my new phone?

ANYWAY I know that some people might not know about this because I had no idea about it until my Granda gave me an article about it literally a week or two before I actually lost my phone.

For all people who have a Smartphone of any kind, you should all stop your blogging, Tweeting and Liking for two minutes and get your IMEI number, to do which all you have to do is type the number *#06# into your phone, press call and write down the number that shows up onscreen!

This is important because IF your phone somehow disappears like mine did, you can use that number to turn the handset off so that no one else can get into it and use your details, and more importantly, if it was stolen they won’t be able to sell it on!

This number will only freeze your phone, so if you happen to find your phone again you will be able to start it right back up and it will still have all your stuff on it.

I know I’m glad I had the IMEI number because I had a lot of passwords on my phone, and very embarrassing pictures, which were taken on nights out. Pictures which no one should ever see. Ever.

Tis just a nice useful way to ensure that no one will be posing as you or able to sell your phone on, especially if it had some serious information in it like e-mail accounts and bank details in the browsing History.

There! That’s my seriousness used up for the day!